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Bio-allers Grain And Wheat Allergy Treatment - 1 Fl Oz
Bio-allers Grain And Wheat Allergy Treatment - 1 Fl Oz
Bio-allers Grain And Wheat Allergy Treatment - 1 Fl Oz
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Bio-allers Grain And Wheat Allergy Treatment - 1 Fl Oz


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NatraBio Grain and Wheat Allergy Treatment Description: Allergy Treatment: Stomach Upsets Dry, Itchy Skin Diarrhea Congestion Difficult Breathing Rashes 20% USP Alcohol All Natural Ingredients No Drowsiness No Excessive Dryness or Thirst Advanced Formulations All Regions FormulasbioAllers products are specially formulated to deliver safe and effective allergy relief in any climate and in any region. bioAllers is dedicated to producing advanced, natural health products formulated and manufactured to pharmaceutical standards. bioAllers homeopathic medicine provides treatment for allergy sufferers. bioAllers brings relief in two ways: Fast-acting symptom relief and strengthens resistance to specific allergens. Symptom relief is attained through stimulation of the natural healing response. Precise levels of homeopathic ingredients work safely and without side effects. Gradual exposure to small doses of specific allergens builds resistance. The body's natural defenses adapt, no longer triggering allergic reactions. bioAllers - for the safest, natural treatment of your allergies. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Ingredients : adrenalium (adrenaline) 6X, Bryonia alba (white bryony) 6X, Lycopodium clavatum (club moss) 6X, Natrum muriaticum (sodium chloride) 6X, Pulsatilla nigricans (wind flower) 6X, Avena sative (oat) 12 X, Glycine max (soy) 12X, Histaminum (histamine)12X, Hordeum vulgare (barley) 12X, Secale cereal (rye) 12X, Triticum aestivum (wheat) 12X, Zea mays (corn) 12X. Inpurified water, 20% USP alcohol.
Size : 1 OZ
Pack of : 1

Product Selling Unit : each