Top Healthy Tips for Travelling with Kids

Top Healthy Tips for Travelling with Kids
Precious family time can be difficult to find, so when you do get the chance to spend time together on vacation, you want to enjoy every moment. However, travelling with children can be a daunting prospect. The effects of flying, over-tiredness and conflicts can quickly make your family holiday nearly impossible to enjoy. From keeping active in the airport to appreciating the culture of your destination,  Health and Fitness Travel shares a list of handy tips to keep your family healthy and harmonious on your travels together.

1. Plan your itinerary together

It’s a given, your children will have different interests and preferences, so give them a list of activities from which they can each choose a favourite. Parents can schedule in some time to relax while the kids enjoy their private tennis or surfing lesson. This will ensure everyone, even your hard to please teenager, will have something to look forward to.

2. Carry a medicine box

It is impossible to predict how your child’s immune system will react to a new environment, so be prepared and pack a small box full of treatments for any cuts or bruises sustained on their adventures. As long as everything is under 100ml, it’s worth putting this kit in your hand luggage. Don’t assume that you can buy anything at your destination including high factor sun cream; it’s a basic essential for any destination. 

3. Be wary of dehydration

Always carry a bottle with you on your healthy activities and excursions. Children often forget to drink until they’re thirsty, signalling that they’re already dehydrated, so monitor their water intake to keep them hydrated and having fun. 

4. Keep active in the airport

Flying is much easier when children can just sleep through the journey, so tire them out before they get on the plane to maximise the chance of a peaceful flight. As you make your way through the airport terminal, choose stairs over escalators and make a game out of racing the moving walkway. You could even pack a skipping rope to really exhaust them, and it’s great for keeping up your own fitness during the holiday.

5. Plan for the plane

Whatever the length of the flight, keeping your children healthy and happy in a confined space can be a challenge, so make sure to plan ahead. Bring nutritious, slow-release energy snacks as an alternative to unhealthy airline food, and make sure the kids are drinking plenty of water. This guide to healthy flying will help you all to arrive in your luxury destination refreshed, and includes some basic yoga poses you could do together as a fun family activity. 

6. Prepare for over-tired tantrums

The combination of over-excitement, travelling and an unfamiliar environment can lead to a very tired and irritable toddler. Avoid any full blown tantrums by familiarising your child with the destination for your healthy family holiday. Show them photos of the resort before you go and try to keep to their normal bedtime routine as much as possible when you’re away.

7. Keep a travel journal

Getting your kids to keep a travel journal is a great way to encourage them to reflect on what they’ve learnt and enjoyed. With so many things to do on a family holiday, they’ll be able to fill their pages with experiences to reread and remember. Get them to write down their favourite healthy meals on holiday for you to recreate at home – they might surprise you with their newly discovered taste for nutritious food.

8. Look for local trinkets

Visit local markets together and let the rich culture of your luxury family destination really make an impression on your kids. Encourage your children to discover new delights around the world and cement their experience by bringing home something more tangible than memories. Playing with the same toys as local children can help your youngster make some international friends, and purchases of handmade goods can be a real boost for the local economy.

9. Allow time for exploring on hikes and bike rides 

Although you may be more focused on burning calories during a hike or a bike ride, be aware that children will be much more curious of their new surroundings. When planning the day, leave more time than you think you need for your little ones to point out new sights and discoveries on guided excursions. If it’s safe to do so, go exploring off the beaten track to inspire an enquiring mind-set.

10. Take advantage of kids clubs and activities

Many family friendly resorts have kids clubs that offer schedules jam-packed with fun and active adventures, letting adults and children enjoy some time to indulge separate passions. Work up a sweat in group exercise classes while qualified professionals entertain your little ones with sports and activities. At the end of each day, you’ll have plenty to talk about around the dinner table as you share adventures with one another.
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Samantha is an entrepreneur, healthy lifestyle advocate and co-founder of Australia’s first specialty wellness travel company Health and Fitness Travel. Samantha has an unbridled enthusiasm for all things travel, health and fitness and is committed to providing healthy holidays options that not only enhance but change lives. Samantha’s goal is to bring wellness tourism into mainstream acceptance in Australia and showcase that taking care of yourself can be both a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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