Anatomy of an Oil that gets the Job Done: Monoi Tiare

Anatomy of an Oil that gets the Job Done: Monoi Tiare

This Polynesian oil is synonymous with beach and sun. And we don't think there is something more summery than its aroma! Its powerful moisturizing and regenerating characteristics have made it famous in cosmetics and beauty worldwide.

What is it?

It comes specifically from Tahiti and is the mixture of Tahiti pure coconut oil and Tiare flowers- Tahitian Gardenia.. For its preparation, it is necessary to follow very strict manufacturing steps that, in a simplified way, are summarized in the maceration of 10 Tiare flowers for each liter of coconut oil. Then the product is filtered for purification.

 Monoi oil provides many benefits:

Maintains hydration and elasticity of the skin.

Protects the dermis from environmental damage

Softens and moisturizes

Contains vitamin A, which regenerates tissues; this results in younger skin.

It is rich in vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that keeps the skin smooth.

Has a progressive  moisturizing effect

Accelerates and gives a natural and even tan.

You always have to look for good manufacturing practices. Therefore it is recommended to make sure that it is validated and protected by the denomination and seal of origin: Monoi de Tahiti, as this ensures that the product was created with the appropriate concentrations of coconut oil and flowers .

The Tiare Flower

Several centuries ago the Polynesians discovered that coconut oil was an essential secret for the beauty of skin and hair. And over time they understood that by combining it with Tiare flowers it delivered even more benefits. They use the center of the flower because they are rich in terpene alcohols and methyl salicylate, known for their soothing and purifying properties.

Also in that part of the flower is the highest concentration of fragrance so characteristic of the monoi. These buttons are collected in the early morning and left to marinate in coconut oil for 10 days.

For the Skin

It is excellent for the skin due to its progressive moisturizing effect, since it generates a protective barrier that prevents the loss of water. It is also great for soothing and softening.

How to use it: The best time is after the shower, with the skin still wet. The ideal is to apply throughout the body, with emphasis on elbows and knees, as they are places of greater dryness.

How many times a week: The ideal is to put monoi oil or butter and body lotions containing this ingredient, hopefully every day, especially after sunbathing and swimming in pools or at sea during the summer.

Use it also in tense muscles: In tired or contracted muscles, since it relieves muscular pains and its aroma gives relaxation to the mind and body.

For the Hair

 It is more beneficial than coconut oil alone, since the additional oils and fats of the tiare flowers provide greater repairing, regenerating and nourishing properties. It is a good antifrizz, since it contains lauric acid, which penetrates the shaft of the hair smoothing its follicle. Prevents the loss of hair protein, essential for its good growth and to achieve a strong and healthy hair; It is ideal for dry and fragile hair. And since it is rich in vitamin E, a great antioxidant, it prevents the damage caused by free radicals, keeping a hair with shine and full of life.

How to use it: The ideal is to do it after each wash, with wet hair. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse.

See for yourself the benefits of this product:

Monoi Tiare Tahiti Monoi Tiiki Tahiti Coconut Oil

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