A New Detox Bath We Love ! Heals Your Body and Smooths your Soul

A New Detox Bath We Love ! Heals Your Body and Smooths your Soul

Today we'll show you how to create Detox Bath that gets you great results in no time.

As we all know, toxins are present in our daily lives and can turn harmful if left unchecked.A detox bath is one of the easiest healing therapies we can do to facilitate our body's natural detoxification system ; it effectively encourages the body to flush out our toxins. 

This is a nice twist on a traditional salt bath. It is made of Epsom salt and Himalayan salt, which work together to give you the best results.

They are not very expensive,they are extremely effective, and do not cause any side effects.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is high in sulfate and magnesium. It is very important to use pure Epsom salt, because it can be of agricultural or food grade. The skin is the largest detoxification organ.

When doing an Epsom salt bath, sulfate and mineral are combined and they work together to eliminate all the toxins through the skin.

In fact, they are absorbed through your skin and can increase the levels of magnesium and sulfate in the body.

It is scientifically proven that taking an Epsom salt bath can increase the levels of magnesium in your body. Moreover, it does not come with any adverse effects!

Himalayan Salt

It is believed that Himalayan salt is the oldest, purest, and the most uncontaminated salts in the world. It supplies your body with various essential minerals.

Try adding it to your bath. It is a real energy booster! It contains minerals and salts that will be absorbed by your skin. 

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Health Benefits of Salt Baths

  • Reduces the acidity and helps balance the pH levels in the body
  • Accelerates healing of swelling, bruising, small cuts, torn or strained ligaments and muscles
  • Relieves premenstruation symptoms (migraines, bloating, cramps)
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Improves respiratory health
  • Soothes sunburn and insect bites
  • Relaxes muscles, reduces stress, and promotes a better night’s sleep
  • It possesses potent antiseptic properties and can treat skin conditions including eczema, acne, rashes, psoriasis, and dry skin
  • Eliminates toxins through the skin
  • Cleanses, purifies and nourishes you body with essential minerals
  • Relieves muscle cramps and arthritic joint pains


You will commonly see directions suggesting 2 cups to a normal size bath, more for an oversized bath, with a 12-15 minute soak. Dr David Jockers—leading writer for “The Truth About Cancer”—suggests a much more individualized measurement and a longer soak. He recommends that the amount be determined by the individual’s weight.The following is for a standard size bathtub that could probably hold about 25-30 gallons of water.

Measurement for Epsom salt:

  • Children under 60 lbs: ½ cup
  • Individuals between 60-100 lbs: 1 cup
  • Individuals between 100-150 lbs: 1½ cups
  • Individuals between 150-200 lbs: 2 cups
  • For every 50 lb more—add an additional ½ cup of salts
You can take this salt bath with only Epsom salt, or you can add Himalayan salt as well. If you’re doing this for the first time with no other detox experience, then I suggest you start with only Epsom salt and add Himalayan salt the next time if you think you can handle it.If desired, add ½ cup of Himalayan bath salt to the amount of Epsom salt according to your body weight as stated above, into the prepared water. Via juicing-for-health.com

It is recommended that you do not take this bath if you have cardiovascular disease, open wounds or burns, or you are pregnant. If you are on long-term medication, consult your doctor before trying any kind of detox.



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