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About Us

Why ?

 I believe that everything is connected.That a holistic approach to wellness involves different,sometimes seemingly unrelated aspects.

Besides eating healthy and exercising, is taking care of Mother Earth, is how we advance our personal growth, or support a local artist. It's showing up.

Because we - the dancing animal - are both individual and social.

So I hope that my natural store will help you do that :

Show Up... for Life !

 About Me  

9 to 5 Fiasco drives daydreaming Dad to do some soul-searching , finds a global tribe on a mission, joins in, the rest is future....

Routine had him arrested 

Responsibility thought it could derail him

But there was an itch that needed to be scratched ...

Why do we wake up in the morning ?


Hello, i am Hernan Schillaci, founder of Vital Zeal. You know.. when i moved to New York i had one goal in mind : to provide for my family and make sure they had what they needed ; and so i embarked on a work-laden routine.

t was a meaningful task, but there was something missing, a broader sense of purpose.

I'd always been an innate conservationist, nature became my spiritual connection, hiking in the Catskills my weekend escape. Serving in a vegan restaurant for 5 years had exposed me to sustainability and healthy eating in very concrete ways.

But there was this question...are we doing the best we can to leave a better world to our kids ?

I want to do my part , but how  ?

And then it dawn on me. I've been on this path of discovery , of getting to know the doers of this movement for long time now , and i want to share the treasures i found with you.

Vital Zeal is like an adventurer's backpack for your curiosity hike !

Your local market does a good job at offering mindful alternatives, but let's face it, with an online store of 20 thousand products, you can sneak peak at some unthought of choices.

a natural mineral-salts deodorant, with chamomile and green tea? indeed

an ecological laundry, non-chlorine bleach? you bet

an herbal coffee? yeap

an organic-certified Ear essential oil remedy ? you guessed it

I keep prices on-par with the big online supplements stores , not an easy tast.

We all have a choice about who we are, I hope you can join us, so together we can walk the walk ...          

             After all

                      That's why we wake up in the morning